SUMMER PEAK 2018 | 26.08. - 30.08.

26.08 - 30.08.2018 - Island of PAG, Croatia

Our vision for the perfect summer end!
Summer Peak Project

Ending the summer suitable, that’s what summer peak is all about. No classical festival. No classical vacation. A combination of the best parts of both. On the one hand the relaxed atmosphere at the end of the summer and on the other side hilarious parties at every club - Everyone from bartender to DJ give once again their best. Summer peak is the last event on zrce beach! Warm sea, good friends and nice people, summer feeling, open air parties - That’s Summer peak. For that we provide a fabulous line-up and we give many talented Dj’s a chance to play their music in the world class clubs.

Clubs and Location

Over the last years zrce beach developed to one of the best clubbing and festival locations in europe. Summer Peak Festival will take place in the biggest clubs of the beach.
Papaya Club

Papaya Club is the biggest club at Zrce Beach. This year it has been voted as #11 on the DJ Mag Club List. Almost all of the famous EDM and house DJs have been here. At Papaya Club the party starts in the afternoon with its legendary after beach parties and ends the next morning.

Noa Club

Noa Beach Club is a very special location: The Club was built above the sea and consists of single islands which are connected with each other. On each island there are several bars and the main stage is located on the biggest island. During the day you can find party people sunbathing and boats arriving to the club. Noa Beach Club has grown quickly over the past years.

Aquarius Club

Aquarius Club is located right next to Papaya Club. It is the origin of the legendary Zrce After Beach Partys and, therefore, is famous all over Europe. Amazing animation, high-class sound and a fancy design make the atmosphere in the club unique.

Novalja + Zrce Beach

Novalja is located about 3 km from Zrce Beach. Most of the accommodations of the Summer Peak Festival can be found here. Moreover, there are supermarkets, shops, bars and a beautiful harbor walk. Novalja has its own beaches and even a small and stylish club: Cocomo.

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